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Contact us or our label Crombie Media for orders. You can also buy our stuff on Bandcamp.


"Apoi!calypse" tape EP:

Apoi!calypse cover art

4 songs. Cover art by Giorgio Santucci (Dylan Dog). Digital download included. Labels: Skinhead Sounds, The Unborn. 2017. Limited edition: 100 copies. 7 EUR. More info and images

"Obey" one sided 7":

Obey cover art

2 songs. Cover art by Alessandro Aloe (Moriarty Graphics). Labels: Skinhead Sounds, Chosen Few Street Productions, Tuscia clan, Torpedos Roma, Anfibio Records, Rusty Knife. 2017. Limited edition: 300 hand numbered copies (copies 1 to 130 are on red vinyl and the rest on orange). A promo card is included with the first 100 copies. 6 EUR. More info and images.


"Apoi!calypse" t-shirt:

Apoi!calypse t-shirt

T-shirt design by Giorgio Santucci. 10 EUR. More info and images.

"Apoi!calypse / Obey " poster:

Apoi!calypse poster

Double sided A3 poster. Free with each t-shirt. More info and images.

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